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What is it?

The Lift Project Sunshine Coast is a free* online program designed to improve your health and wellbeing. It is a unique evidence-based and comprehensive program, that draws together the latest research from Neuroscience, Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology. The program was developed by Dr Darren Morton, an internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine expert and Associate Professor and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine & Research Centre at Avondale University College, NSW.

Who can do it?

Everyone!* No matter what your age or background, you can do this program. You can do it individually, as a family or as a group. It’s also perfect to go through the lessons with young children, teenagers, and residents at aged-care facilities too.

* Sunshine Coast Local Government Area residents only. If you are a company, contact The Lift Project for information on The Lift Project for corporate groups.

PROGRAM COMMENCED: Monday 8 February 2021

PROGRAM ENDS: Sunday 25 April 2021 (Ten weeks)

PLEASE SHARE THE WORD about The Lift Project Sunshine Coast! We want to ensure as many Sunshine Coasters as possible are upLIFTED! – there is no limit to how many can register for the program, or how many times you can participate.

For further information on The Lift Project hosted by The Sunshine Coast Council, please visit The Lift Project Sunshine Coast

If you have any questions, please email theliftproject@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au


Lesson 1: Your Limbo is listening.


Lesson 2: Motion creates emotion.


Lesson 3: Blue and green should often be seen.


Lesson 4: Together feels better.


Lesson 5: Feelings follow your focus.

Want to discover a simple technique for boosting your emotional wellbeing for the next 6 months? Learn how in this lesson as you discover ways to look to the positive in the past, present and future. 

Available on March 8, 2021

Lesson 6: Food feeds your mood.

One of the most fascinating areas of current medical research has lead to the discovery that your gut is your ‘second brain’. If you want to be happy, you need a happy gut and in this lesson you discover the magic ingredient for making it so.   

Available on March 15, 2021

Lesson 7: Rest to feel your best.

Most people are sleep deprived and are suffering for it. In this lesson learn the cure for the three sleep-stealing culprits of our time. 

Available on March 22, 2021

Lesson 8: Stress less.

Do you need to turn down the heat and open the values on stress? Learn how in this lesson as well as what might be the most powerful and profound way to establish work-life balance.

Available on March 29, 2021

Lesson 9: Giving is living.

You have a unique contribution to make, and doing it can fill your life in every way. Discover how in this lesson.

Available on April 5, 2021

Lesson 10: What does it take to flourish?

There are five things you need in life to flourish. Discover what they are in this lesson. Do all five to thrive.

Available on April 12, 2021
Creator of The Lift Project.
Internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine expert,
Dr Darren Morton