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The Lift Project involves 10 fun and fascinating lessons. Each lesson starts with a short introductory video followed by 4 simple steps summarised by “LETS”:  Learn, Experience, Think and Share.

Watch a fun presentation, Listen to an audio lesson, or Read and explore the science. Or do all three!

Take the challenges. I show you how and then invite you to try for yourself. Consider it a self-experiment!

Reflect on what you are leaning and experiencing. Take the quiz and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Tell, Talk and/or Tag to share what you are learning and experiencing.


1. Take 10!  You can pace your own educational adventure, but a great approach is to take one lesson each week over 10 weeks, starting with Lesson 1.

2. Together is better!  Become a “Lead Lifter” by inviting others to do The Lift Project with you. Then organise a meet-up once once a week to connect and chat about what you are learning and experiencing. The best way to host a meet-up is a “walk and talk” but over lunch works well too. Here are three things to chat about:

a. What did you learn in the lesson that was new and helpful to you? Explain…

b. Did the challenges give you a lift?

c. How could you make the learnings from the lesson a more permanent part of your life?

You could also start your own Lift Project Facebook page to keep connected and share with your group.

3. Test yourself.  Successfully complete the quiz for each lesson and you will receive a tick for that lesson on the MAIN COURSE PAGE. You’ll need at least 4/5 for a successful completion. Complete all quizzes and a button will appear at the top of the MAIN COURSE PAGE for you to download a Certificate of Completion.