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Step #1: Invite your group members!

Invite people from within your circle of influence (ie. friends, family members, work colleagues) to join The Lift Project you are hosting. To download an invitation template click here.

Step #2: Organise a weekly meet-up.

Organise a time when you can get together as a group to connect and chat about what you are learning and experiencing. The ideal way to do this is as a “walk and talk” but a “lunch and learn” works well too. You can even be creative and get together to do something that links with the theme of the lesson.

At the beginning of the meet-up play the short video that appears under the “Share” section of the lesson (it only goes for a minute or so and you can play it on your mobile device). The video poses three questions to chat about:

1. What did you learn in the lesson that was new and helpful to you? Explain…

2. How did the challenges go? Did they give you a lift?

3. How could you make the learnings from the lesson a more permanent part of your life?

Be sure to make yourself familiar with the lesson before the meet-up and have an idea of how you would respond to these questions so that you can kick-off the discussion if needed. Just allow the group to share their thoughts and affirm them when they do (that way your group members will feel more willing to share).

If you have time, you might also like to talk about the answers to the quiz questions.

Step #3: Be an uplifting encourager!

Everyone needs a cheer-squad in life and as the host you can make a tremendous impact on your participants by being an uplifting encourager. There are many ways you can do this. Here are some ideas:

1. Start your own Lift Project Facebook page to keep connected and share with your group.

2. Send out a “mid-week lift” in the form of an email or text.

  You are a special kind of person for hosting The Lift Project. Thanks for being so uplifting! You will be lifted too!