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This audiobook is taken from The Lift Project, which is an award-winning and evidence-based wellbeing program used by individuals and organisations.

To download the audiobook lessons, click on the links below the video.

#1.  Speak positively (Your Limbo is Listening): Download mp3

#2.  Move dynamically (Motion creates emotion): Download mp3

#3.  Immerse in an uplifting physical environment (Blue and green should often be seen): Download mp3

#4.  Immerse in an uplifting social environment (Together feels better): Download mp3

#5.  Look to the positive (Feelings follow your focus): Download mp3

#6.  Eat nutritiously (Food feeds your mood): Download mp3

#7.  Rest to feel your best – Part 1 (Sleep): Download mp3

#8.  Rest to feel your best – Part 2 (Destress): Download mp3

#9.  Serve (Giving is living): Download mp3

#10.  What does it take to Flourish?: Download mp3

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