In this lesson you will learn that your Limbo (your “feeling” brain) is wired to the front part of your Leader (your “thinking” brain). For this reason, what you focus on affects how you feel. It is possible to activate upward and downward spirals (called “Limbo loops”) in how you think and feel, and the best way to activate upward Limbo loops is to focus on positive things about the past, present and future. The take away message is “Feelings follow your focus”, so look to the positive!



L.E.T.S. do it by following the 4 steps!





Here are some more fun resources relating to this lesson:

The NEWS can be depressing, but not if it comes from the Good NEWS Network! Check out their stories when you need a lift!

Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed to enjoy this stimulating video by Louie Schwartzberg titled “Happiness Revealed“. The video starts at 4 min, 23 sec into the TED talk.

I love this message from Hayley Bartholomew (a fellow Aussie!) who launched the “365 grateful project” and discovered the difference that gratitude can make.


One of the best ways to learn is to do. Let me show you how to put the learnings from this lesson into practice. Watch the video or read about it below!


Any positive steps you make are steps in the right direction. But if you really want to challenge yourself…

#1.  Each day this week take 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to think about and write down three things that went well that day, why they went well and why you are grateful for them. Give it your full attention so your Limbo gets the positive vibe!

#2.  Once this week identify something you could get excited about and mark it in your diary. Or, if you really want to challenge yourself, perform the Gratitude Visit. Of course, you can do both if you like!


What’s the Big Idea?  How would you explain to someone what a Limbo loop is, and what advice would you offer them for activating upward Limbo loops more often?

How did the challenges go? Did they give you a lift? What worked well and what could be even better next time?


Here are 3 ways to share your Lift Project Adventure: Talk, Tell, Tag

#1.  Talk about this lesson with others who are also doing The Lift Project, either face-to-face or online, to chat about what you learnt this lesson that is new and helpful to you and how you went with the challenges.

#2.  Tell someone who is not doing The Lift Project something you learnt this lesson that could give them a lift.

#3.  Tag on Instagram your experience of this lesson’s challenges (such as a photo with the person you are grateful for). Use the hashtags: #feelingsfollowyourfocus; #theliftproject.