In this lesson you will learn that your Limbo has a secret language that it uses to communicate with the Limbos of other people. This is why happiness is socially contagious (up to three degrees of separation!). To give yourself a lift you should therefore immerse yourself in an uplifting social environment and you will discover ways to do that in this lesson. This is a challenging topic but a vitally important one because “Together Feels Better”!



L.E.T.S. do it by following the 4 steps!





Here are some more fun resources relating to this lesson:

At the 5 Love Languages website you can Learn Your Love Language. You can also discover the love language of others.

Robert Waldinger, the Director of the world’s longest study on happiness, comes to an interesting conclusion in this presentation about “what makes for a good life?” It is very fitting to the topic for this lesson!


One of the best ways to learn is to do. Let me show you how to put the learnings from this lesson into practice. Watch the video or read about it below!


Any positive steps you make are steps in the right direction. But if you really want to challenge yourself…

#1.  Each day this week do something intentional to show someone in your social network that you care for them. Be sure to speak their “love language” (words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch or acts of service). Love first!

#2.  Once this week take some time to consider if there is someone who has hurt you that you need to stop hurting in return. Make a decision to forgive and in doing so break the cycle of hurting. It could transform your relationship with them.


What’s the Big Idea? What is one key thing that really resonated with or challenged you in this lesson? Write it down and what you are going to do about it.

How did the challenges go? Did they make a difference to your relationships? How did that make you feel?


Here are 3 ways to share your Lift Project Adventure: Talk, Tell, Tag

#1.  Talk about this lesson with others who are also doing The Lift Project, either face-to-face or online, to chat about what you learnt this lesson that is new and helpful to you and how you went with the challenges.

#2.  Tell someone who is not doing The Lift Project something you learnt this lesson that could give them a lift.

#3.  Tag on Instagram your experience of this lesson’s challenges (such as you with your special people!). Use the hashtags: #togetherfeelsbetter; #theliftproject.