In this lesson you will learn about your “Limbo”, which is the nickname I have given to the part of the brain responsible for emotions, as well as memory, motivation and many automatic bodily processes. You will discover that it is ‘wired’ to the area of your higher brain (I call the “Leader”) responsible for speech and language. The take away message is “Your Limbo is listening”, so speak positively!





Here are some more fun resources relating to this lesson:

I love this short video called “Validation“, especially the first few minutes.

Here is the full interview I did with family life expert Dr Trafford Fischer where we talk about the Positivity Ratio in relationships.

Kid President sums up the message of this lesson so eloquently in this video titled “20 things we should say more often!


One of the best ways to learn is to do. Let me show you how to put the learnings from this lesson into practice. Watch the video or read about it below!


Any positive steps you make are steps in the right direction. But if you really want to challenge yourself…

#1.  Each day this week go out of your way to give someone a genuine compliment, something that will make them feel really good about themselves. It will increase your Positivity Ratio!

#2.  Once this week find a text or saying (or several) that you find inspirational and make an effort to memorise it. If you find yourself speaking negatively to yourself, stop and recite back these inspirational words.


What’s the Big Idea? Imagine you are in an elevator and you have 30 seconds to explain to someone the Big Idea of this session. What would you say?

How did the challenges go? Did they give you a lift? What worked well and what could be even better next time?


Here are 3 ways to share your Lift Project Adventure: Talk, Tell, Tag

#1.  Talk about this lesson with others who are also doing The Lift Project, either face-to-face or online, to chat about what you learnt this lesson that is new and helpful to you and how you went with the challenges.

#2.  Tell someone who is not doing The Lift Project something you learnt this lesson that could give them a lift.

#3.  Tag on Instagram your experience of this lesson’s challenges (such as your favourite uplifting quotes). Use the hashtags: #yourlimboislistening; #theliftproject.