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Thanks for being an uplifting individual!

As a Group Leader you have the power to lift the lives of others and that’s an exciting thing to be part of! This toolkit makes hosting The Lift Project simple and enjoyable.

The Lift Project is designed to be taken over 10 weeks, ideally with the participants coming together for a weekly meet-up. Below you will find a suggested lesson plan for each lesson (based on a 50-60 minute lesson) that includes some fun activity ideas that highlight the topic of the lesson. While you have the flexibility to get creative with your lessons, the lessons typically follow the following format (apart from Lesson 1):

  1. Actively debrief on the previous lesson (discuss with your group what they learnt and how they went with the challenges).
  2. Engage with the next topic (watch the video together, discuss what is presented and complete the quiz).
  3. Introduce the challenges for the upcoming week.

As a Group Leader, the most important thing you do is to create a “positive place” for the participants to come to. To achieve this, be warm, friendly and encouraging. And make it fun! Also, sending an encouraging email or text message between lessons can make a big difference to the participants’ engagement and experience.

Click on the lessons below to get started!

Lesson 1: Your Limbo is listening.

CLICK HERE to download the Lesson 1 plan

Lesson 2: Motion creates emotion.

CLICK HERE to download the Lesson 2 plan

Lesson 3: Blue and green should often be seen.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 4: Together feels better.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 5: Feelings follow your focus.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 6: Food feeds your mood.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 7: Rest to feel your best.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 8: Stress less.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 9: Giving is living.

Resources coming soon!

Lesson 10: What does it take to flourish?

Resources coming soon!