The Lift Project is a fascinating wellbeing adventure designed to lift individuals, groups and organisations. It uniquely brings together scientifically-proven strategies from the exciting fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine.

You can sign up on your own and complete the program at your own pace – but we recommend encouraging your family and friends to join you on the journey! You can work through each lesson and then connect with your group once a week to chat about what you’ve learnt.

10 fascinating lessons.

Choose your own adventure.


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We’re really excited about the positive impact The Lift Project is making in communities around the world, and we would love for your community to benefit too! We’re thrilled to be able to offer The Lift Project to large groups in a custom-branded, fun way that is not only easy to implement – it can also be seamlessly delivered both in-person and online. View the infographic to see how The Lift Project has changed lives on the Sunshine Coast!

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“A big thank you to the Lift Project team for sharing such valuable information with the community and injecting a positive spirit into our lives.”


“I was starting to suffer from anxiety due to work pressures caused by Covid 19. This course helped me to break the cycle and change my work life balance. I love my work so I often find it hard to leave after a 9+ hour day. Now I am leaving work earlier and going for a walk before dinner.”


“Brilliant and encouraging program. Especially when we are under Covid-19 lock-down.”


“I really needed this today. People who know me would see me as a cheery, happy person. I am. However, that abundant happiness is often elusive as past and current painful matters fight to push my mood down. I am finding my way daily. I choose happiness, moment by moment, but it isn’t always a bed of roses. Thanks for this program.”


“I have been doing a gratitude photo every day and writing down 3 things I am grateful for and what I am looking forward to and it has been amazing. I feel better, I am moving better and feeling happier. Thank you for all your support.”


“Thank you for the lessons. Love them. I laughed all the way through the second lesson. You seemed to be talking just to me. It’s very encouraging.”


How Each Lesson Works:

You can choose your own self-paced educational adventure with The Lift Project, but the most popular approach is to take one lesson each week over 10 weeks.

Learn the content by watching a fun and entertaining video presentation, listening to an audio presentation, or reading to more deeply explore the science.
Or do all three. You choose.

Experience fun but powerful challenges that involve putting what you have learnt into practice. It’s “challenge by choice”.

Think about and reflect on what you are learning and experiencing. Take a quiz if you like and receive a certificate of completion.

Share your Lift Project adventure with others.

The Lift Project draws together the findings from over 300 studies in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine. The effectiveness of The Lift Project has been investigated in several studies with the findings presented at academic conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Ready to lift your mood and your life?


Lesson 1: Your Limbo is listening.

Say hello to your ‘Limbo’ (the nickname for your Limbic System), which is your ’emotional brain’ also in charge of motivation, memory and many automatic bodily processes. Learn why how you speak to yourself and others influences how you feel and how you can increase your speech positivity ratio.

Lesson 2: Motion creates emotion.

You have millions of nerves distributed throughout your body called ‘proprioceptors’ that tell your Limbo how you are moving. Learn how to give your Limbo a lift by moving dynamically!

Lesson 3: Blue and green should often be seen.

What’s so great about the great outdoors? In this lesson discover why it is so uplifting to get outside where the light is right.

Lesson 4: Together feels better.

Happiness is socially contagious. Find out why in this lesson and what you can do about it. 

Lesson 5: Feelings follow your focus.

Want to discover a simple technique for boosting your emotional wellbeing for the next 6 months? Learn how in this lesson as you discover ways to look to the positive in the past, present and future. 

Lesson 6: Food feeds your mood.

One of the most fascinating areas of current medical research has lead to the discovery that your gut is your ‘second brain’. If you want to be happy, you need a happy gut and in this lesson you discover the magic ingredient for making it so.   

Lesson 7: Rest to feel your best.

Most people are sleep deprived and are suffering for it. In this lesson learn the cure for the three sleep-stealing culprits of our time. 

Lesson 8: Stress less.

Do you need to turn down the heat and open the valves on stress? Learn how in this lesson as well as what might be the most powerful and profound way to establish work-life balance.

Lesson 9: Giving is living.

You have a unique contribution to make, and doing it can fill your life in every way. Discover how in this lesson.

Lesson 10: What does it take to flourish?

There are five things you need in life to flourish. Discover what they are in this lesson. Do all five to thrive.

Did you know The Lift Project is also available in a Christian Edition? It’s the same evidence-based program, but includes supporting Christian references and principles.



The Lift Project was developed by Australian-based Dr Darren Morton (PhD, FASLM), who is an internationally recognised wellbeing expert with special expertise in Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Morton is an award-winning educator and researcher and has developed wellbeing programs that are used in over 10 countries ( Darren is an Associate Professor and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine & Health Research Centre at Avondale University College.

Booking a presentation with Dr Darren Morton is a great way to motivate and inspire your group before starting The Lift Project. Darren has presented to hundreds of receptive audiences around the world! We understand it’s difficult to host live presentations in the current climate, so we’re pleased to be able to offer your company an online presentation at a reduced price. We know you’ll have fun, learn something new, and be inspired to get started!

Creator of The Lift Project.
Internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine expert,
Dr Darren Morton


Creator of The Lift Project.
Internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine expert.



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